Challenge your body and mind as you travel along a maze of rope bridges, nets and zip lines set high in the trees. Enjoy being in the heart of wild nature at its most splendid. Entire 200 meters (220 yd) rope course is of varying difficulty, and height form 5 meters (16,4 ft) to 9 meters (29,5 ft). It guarantees unique experience and lots of excitement not only for rope park addicts and mountain climbers but also for anyone who first climbs one of its high suspended platform. Walking entire trail takes form 40 to 60 minutes. Age and experience doesn’t matter – our cheerful staff is there to make you feel safe and comfortable. You’ll be equipped with everything you need for your journey. For youngers we also have a rope course. It is 70 meters long trail situated around 1m over the ground. Easly kids in age 4 or 5 should be able to go through it. We also offer two zipp lines! One of those is situated over the lake and it's 200 meters long. For kids there is smaller one (25 meters) long zip line!